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Compare Machines

There are some major differences in the football throwing machines we have available on our site. We carry two major brands of football throwers with Jugs and Sports Attack. These two manufacturers are leaders in the industry and have been creating sporting goods products for many years. Some of the best football players have used a Jugs machine since the 70s and have gone on to the hall of fame.

In order to find out which football machine is best for your needs you need to think about what is most important for you and your players.

Spiral Direction

If you want your players to be seeing balls thrown from both left and right handed quarterbacks, then choose a machine that throws both directions. The only machine currently on our site that throws both spiral directions is the Sports Attack Snap Attack machine. Machines that throw both directions simply give the player a more realistic feel for the ball coming out of the machine and replicates game action more accurately if you have both handed quarterbacks in your QB room. These machines will typically come at a slightly higher price but provide more versatility.


Throwing Speed and Distance

Check the speed from the machine or the yards thrown to get an idea for how powerful the machine is for your practices. If you're a youth team, you can consider purchasing a machine with a max of 50-60 yards. If you're a high school team or up you would want to go with a longer throw from a machine which will deliver balls up to 80+ yards. Again the price tag will be reflected in the distance thrown by the machine so look closely. You can always dial down a faster machine so it may be in your benefit to purchase one that can grow with your players and also provided longer kickoffs.

If you're wanting to throw up to 100+ yards then check out the Sports Attack Snap Attack machine. This delivers balls up to 100+ yards and is the most powerful machine we have on our site. 

Kickoffs, Punts, Snaps

Many of the machines will train for punts, kicks, and even snaps. Long snappers can get great practice from one of the football throwing machines without exhausting coaches, players, or personnel. Its important to make sure the machine does have that ability to lower the delivery height in order to do so.

Special teams units can really get good practice from these machines as most deliver squib kicks, onside, pooch punts, hangtime punts, and more. The versatility on these football machines is incredible and ideal for any team or player looking to improve their ball skills on all sides of the ball. 

In Summary

Football throwing machines are versatile and powerful training tools for your players and teams. Look through your team needs and match them with one of the machines we offer on our site from Jugs or Sports Attack and you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions about football throwing machines please email us today.